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Why raise Red Claw Crayfish?


Red claw crayfish are the ultimate in local, sustainable, healthy, nutritious, premium “seafood”. They are:

delicious (and stunning on a plate)
low in sodium
low in cholesterol
low in fat
contain no heavy metals (unlike ocean lobsters)
and are organic, depending upon what you feed them!


In our opinion, any aquaponic system running at a minimum of 70 degrees that does not contain red claw crayfish is missing a huge opportunity.

Not only will the red claw produce a delicious additional crop alongside your fish and vegetables, but the waste they produce during regular molting will enrich the water with minerals that will send your crop production in to overdrive. Please note that we do not recommend stocking red claw crayfish and aquaponics fish in the same tank, unless they are separated by a grill or mesh as red claw crayfish are very vulnerable when they moult. They will grow to table size in around 9-12 months.

Our own trials have not only produced faster and larger plant growth, but the plants have produced substantially more flowers leading to higher yields. We like to call this “lobsterponics”.

Red claw do well in water temperatures from 65 – 95 (ideally 80), grow fast and breed well in most circumstances. As long as the water is kept moving and aerated then there should be no issues.


If you have an aquarium then you should have a red claw crayfish! These magnificent crustaceans make a great centerpiece for any aqauarium and will provide hours of interesting viewing for aquarium enthusiasts.

They will happily coexist with small aquarium minnow fish and pleco, but please do not put them alongside predator type fish as they are vulnerable when molting.


Red Claw Crayfish juveniles, adults and breeding colonies can be sourced directly from our website year round - www.liveaquaponics.com