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About Redclaw Crayfish
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Australian Redclaw Crayfish

We offer several packages of Redclaw Crayfish including:

Redclaw Crayfish are amazing creatures that can grow to a HUGE size, nearly the size of a lobster! This is a species with considerable potential for commercial culture. The fact that it can withstand low oxygen levels and thrives in warm waters makes it well-suited to aquaculture and aquarium life as well. The Australian Redclaw Crayfish does best when water temperatures are between 75
˚ and 85˚ F.

* In the state of Florida, you must have a Florida Aquaculture License to possess Australian Redclaw Crayfish.

* Redclaw Crayfish are excellent escape artists! If the water level is near the top of the tank, if you have rocks and decor large enough for them to reach the surface, or if equipment such as airline tubing or heater cords extend over the side of the tank, they will climb out. To reduce the likelihood of escape, equipment should be suspended overhead so that it does not touch the sides of the tank. If housed in an aquarium, a lid may be required.

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