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Our company strives towards quality and excellence to ensure you receive the best experience when working with us. All of our live species are raised in enclosed hatcheries to ensure they are disease, and chemical free.
Liveaquaponics.com specializes in the farming, sale, and distribution of giant Australian Redclaw Crayfish. Our farm raises Red claw crayfish juvenile stock, up to 1 inch, 2+ Inch, larger males 4-6 inch, & breeding set's. We offer may quantity options to accommodate every hobbiest. Our lobster are always in stock and ready to ship.

Our Farm

3 greenhouses with 30 eight foot tanks per greenhouse
Brood house with 10, eight foot tanks
3 10' x 10' concrete tanks and 17 outside tanks
A total of (14) 1/4 acre ponds

Our Australian RedClaw Lobster Aquiculture facility is located on 23 beautiful acres. We have all of the necessary licence's, permits, wells, pumps, generators, etc, needed for a well maintained operation. We use a flow through system in our production in conjunction with a natural filtration & recirculation system. All of our product's are raised in above ground raceways, tanks and pools.

Our Hatchery

If you have ever operated your own hatchery, then you already know the values of having one. Our crayfish hatchery is a place for artificial hatching and rearing through the early life stages of the Redclaw Crayfish (our crayfish breed naturally). The hatchery produces larval and juveniles primarily to support the aquiculture industry where they are transferred to on-growing systems i.e. aquaponic farmers to reach harvest size. With this being a controlled environment we are able to reproduce year around.

The incubator allows us to incubate eggs independently of the mother resulting in increased survival with the craylings being in exceptionally good health. Hatchery produced craylings, when stocked, have increased survival, better growth rates and a more uniformed size. This is due to the little craylings are not burdened with fighting anything that they normally may come in contact with while still under the mothers tail.

We carefully select our breeding stock to move into spawning tanks in our sterile hatchery. Once the spawning cycle is complete and the eggs have hardened they are then stripped and put into our specially designed egg incubator. Incubation takes 3-4 weeks, and the juveniles live on their yolk sack for 10-14 days. During this time they become fully formed juvenile crayfish, and are ready to be sold immediately to other farmers and growers or stocked into our own farm for grow-out.

This technology came directly from the experts in Australia with exclusive rights in the USA.

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