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If you're looking for live fish, crayfish, minnows or prawns for aquaponics, aquaculture, or to stock your own pond, you've come to the right place! We offer fry, fingerlings and breeder colonies in a variety of species including: Tilapia (Five Types), Australian Redclaw Crayfish, Freshwater Prawns, Bluegill, Catfish, Bass, Koi and several other species of fish. To get started, click a category from our menu above to see our products, packages and pricing.

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Fathead Minnow

Time to stock Fathead MinnowS

Fathead Minnows are fairly tolerant of harsh conditions and have become very popular as both bait fish in ponds and as pets in aquariums. They prefer temperatures of 50 to 70 degrees and spawn anywhere from mid-May to early August, though prime spawning season is June and July. Purchasing now as juveniles allows time for the fish to mature before spawning season arrives. Click on the button below to order.

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"Very happy to have found this fish hatchery. We picked up our order of pond fish and were very satisfied with the size, price and shipping containers."

-William S.

"Ordered 15 juvenile Redclaws. They came in today and are very active, eating well and a riot to watch. Well done! Thank you guys."

-Brandon S.

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Australian Redclaw Crayfish

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