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Hawaiian Gold Fingerlings - Mixed Sex

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Hawaiian Gold Tilapia

Hawaiian Gold Tilapia – also known as Oreochromis Mossambicus, Golden Tilapia, Hawaiian Gold and Lucky Golden Fish (believed to bring good fortune to businesses) – is a variety of Mozambique Tilapia, developed in Hawaii for its beautiful yellow-gold hues. Its shape is similar to the Bluegill, and pure-bred species have an all-over golden color that may have an orange tint.

* In the state of Florida, you must have a Florida Aquaculture License to possess Hawaiian Gold Tilapia.

This is an extremely hardy fish that grows fast, is very tolerant of even poor water quality, can tolerate lower oxygen levels and is very resistant to disease. They cannot, however, survive in water below
70˚ F. The largest recorded Hawaiian Gold Tilapia was 15 inches long. Hawaiian Gold Tilapia can grow to an impressive 2.5 pounds. They are opportunistic omnivores, eating diatoms, invertebrates, small fry and vegetation from macroalgae to rooted plants and even decaying plant material. Their behavior is very similar to the Mozambigue Tilapia.

In the right temperature settings, these are very hardy fish that are recommended for first-time aquaculture and aquaponics ventures and are often used as ornamental fish in small garden ponds.

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