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We offer a wide selection of Prawn packages in quantities of 25 to 500 including:

Reminder: Order Food for Your Prawn
When it comes to choosing the best possible food for your Prawn, nutritional needs should be the primary concern.
We recommend that you keep your crawfish on the same food they are already accustomed to as this will smooth your transition. To learn more, click HERE.

What is a Prawn?

Prawn is the common name for a large or jumbo freshwater shrimp. Prawns are wonderful additions to an aquaponics system because they will eat organic waste such as dead roots, flies or anything else that has sunk to the bottom of the tank to decay. Prawns are hardy and easy to grow. While they can survive water temperatures from 57 to 105 F, the optimum temperature for Prawn is between 78 and 88 F.

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