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Shrimp Harvesting Equipment Check List

  • Three totes: One to rinse shrimp, one to chill-kill shrimp and one to store/transport shrimp.

  • Long-handled nets (minimum of 6).

  • Orange shrimp harvest baskets (minimum of 6), 5-gallon buckets.

  • Ice, portable ice storage freezer, 100 quart capacity ice coolers for drinking water.

  • Sorting table for shrimp, buckets for miscellaneous aquatic garbage.

  • Several young workers, properly attired - rubber boots, gloves, etc.

  • Garden hose and supply of fresh water to fill vats, rinse shrimp, washing people, etc.

  • Area to weigh shrimp, awning and table to shelter area.

  • Scale and containers for weighing shrimp.

  • Plastic bags in which to place shrimp; tee shirt bags for customer convenience.

  • Notebook, clipboards, pens and a designated person to record harvest data.

  • Cash box with enough starting change for transactions.

  • Pre-printed index/address cards for customers who wish to receive future information.

  • Rubber gloves, aprons, paper towels and fresh water for shrimp packers.

  • Small, 6" x 10" nets for shrimp packers.

  • Road signs for directions, marked parking area and trash barrels to assist customers.

  • Safety first - drinking water, chairs, shade, first aid kit, etc.

  • Sandwiches or other food and snacks for workers.