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All About Crawfish Breeding Colonies
Whether at home or for commercial purposes, the key to successful crawfish farming is to start with a breeding colony. Crawfish are very hardy, and the breeding colony will easily reproduce in your home aquarium, aquaponics system or farm. At Live Aquaponics, you will find top-quality crawfish for your breeding or stocking needs.

Our breeding colonies consist of only the most carefully selected, mature males and females. They are fed an organic, non-GMO, high-protein diet. They are disease free and completely hormone free. When you order a breeding colony from Live Aquaponics, you will receive a sustainable, reproducing colony. And, by farming your own crawfish at home, you will be assured that you know what you are raising and eating because you will have direct knowledge of how these crustaceans were raised from birth to your dinner table.

Why A Breeding Colony?
Whether you are interested in raising crawfish for personal consumption of for profit, starting with a mature breeding colony will allow you to achieve your goals with a faster return on your investment. Crawfish usually take between three and 12 months to grow from craylings into sexually mature adults.

In their natural habitat, they typically breed in the fall and, sometimes, in the spring as well, yielding between one and three spawns per year. In a controlled hatchery, crawfish can reproduce continually throughout the year, giving you an abundance of crawfish. Depending on the species of crawfish you purchase, each spawn could produce between 100 and 1,000 eggs. Australian Redclaw Crayfish average 100 to 1,000 and Louisiana Crawfish average 100 to 500.

Not all eggs or craylings survive. In fact, on average, 30% of eggs are lost during incubation. In the wild, an average of 97% of craylings fail to survive. With the science of aquaculture behind you, and by closely monitoring your breeding colony, your crayling survival rate will be many times higher than in the wild. And with plenty of hiding places, a nutritious diet and proper water quality, a healthy breeding colony will help you raise an abundance of crawfish.

Each species of crawfish has slightly different requirements that result in optimal breeding environments.

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**Before embarking on your new venture, please check your state and local laws concerning aquaculture to determine if you have any licensing requirements for owning or breeding these crustaceans.**