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Lousiana Crawfish

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What looks, tastes, and smells like seafood, but doesn't come from the sea? It's the Louisiana Crawfish – also known as the Red Swamp Crayfish, a freshwater shellfish that is considered a Louisiana delicacy. Crawfish resemble tiny lobsters, and are referred to by several common names, including crawdads, crawfish, river crab, and mudbugs.

The Louisiana Crawfish is well suited to both aquaponics and major commercial aquaculture operations. It is a very hardy species that can tolerate a wide range of environmental conditions, including low oxygen levels, poor water conditions, and both low and high water temperatures, though the Louisiana Crawfish thrives in temperatures between 72
˚ and 86˚ F. Its ease of reproduction and lack of free-living larval stages are other reasons this crustacean has been widely coveted for culturing ponds and aquaponics systems around the world.

* Louisiana Crawfish are excellent escape artists! If the water level is near the top of the tank, if you have rocks and decor large enough for them to reach the surface, or if equipment such as airline tubing or heater cords extend over the side of the tank, they will climb out. To reduce the likelihood of escape, equipment should be suspended overhead so that it does not touch the sides of the tank. If housed in an aquarium, a lid may be required.

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