We are Live Aquaponics & Stickfin’s Fish Farm 

If you are trying to find something less tropical that is OK in warm water and OK in near-freezing or even frozen water, and eats just about anything. You have found it! We now sell Bluegill

We have been raising Giant Red Claw Crayfish for more than 10 years, so we have a wealth of knowledge and experience.

We believe that Red Claw Crayfish are the future of local, sustainable and healthy “seafood” for America.

From our base in North Florida we aim to spread the red claw crayfish story throughout America and believe that it has the potential to become a mainstream premium seafood in a few years time.

Please note that some States do not allow Red Claw Crayfish and in Florida a Aquaculture license is required to grow them.

Our company strives towards quality and excellence to ensure you receive the best experience when working with us. All of our live species are raised in enclosed hatcheries to ensure they are disease, and chemical free.

Our company specializes in the farming, sale, and distribution of Giant Australian Redclaw Crayfish, Freshwater Prawns, Tilapia, and we do not plan on stopping there.

Our farm raises, and sells: 

Red Claw Crayfish Post Larval, small juvenile up to 1.5 inch, large juvenile 1.5-3 Inch, larger males 4-6 inch, & Breeding Colonies
Freshwater Prawns up to 1 inch, & Breeding Colonies
Tilapia Fry, Tilapia Fingerlings, & Breeding Colonies



Largemouth Bass 

Farm Packages

We offer many quantity options to accommodate every hobbyist. If you do not see a package that suits your needs, please e-mail us with the combination and quantities you are looking for.

Please Call/Text/Email with any question's you may have regarding ordering and shipping.

Phone: 904-460-7121
E-Mail: Liveaquaponicsales@gmail.com

Red Tilapia Fish 25 Red Tilapia Fry
Our Price: $24.75
Live Blue Tilapia 100 Blue Tilapia Fry
Our Price: $99.99
Pond And Lake Stocking 200 Bluegill
Our Price: $248.00
300 Louisiana Crawfish 300 Louisiana Crawfish
Our Price: $1,047.00
20 Louisiana Crawfish 20 Louisiana Crawfish
Our Price: $99.80
Blue Tilapia 500 Tilapia Fingerlings
Our Price: $495.00
Tilapia Farming 150 Tilapia Fingerlings
Our Price: $223.50
15 Louisiana Crawfish 15 Louisiana Crawfish
Our Price: $74.85
Blue Tilapia Fish 150 Blue Tilapia Fry
Our Price: $133.50
Australian Red Claw In Aquaponics RedClaw, Prawn & Tilapia Breeding Package
Our Price: $849.97
Sale Price: $699.97
Blue Tilapia Farming 75 Blue Tilapia Fry
Our Price: $74.25
200 Louisiana Crawfish 200 Louisiana Crawfish
Our Price: $698.00
75 Louisiana Crawfish 75 Louisiana Crawfish
Our Price: $374.25
Blue Tilapia Fingerlings For Sale 25 Tilapia Fingerlings
Our Price: $49.75
10 Louisiana Crawfish 10 Louisiana Crawfish
Our Price: $49.90
Oreochromis aureus 200 Blue Tilapia Fry
Our Price: $178.00
Oreochromis aureus For Sale 500 Blue Tilapia Fry
Our Price: $400.00
Live Bluegill 150 Bluegill
Our Price: $223.50
Live Tilapia Suppliers 50 Tilapia Fingerlings
Our Price: $87.00
Prawn Breeding Colony Prawn Breeding Colony
Our Price: $199.99
Oreochromis Niloticus 150 Red Tilapia Fry
Our Price: $133.50
Bluegill In Aquaponics 25 Bluegill
Our Price: $49.75
400 Louisiana Crawfish 400 Louisiana Crawfish
Our Price: $1,196.00
Red Nile Tilapia For Sale 50 Red Tilapia Fry
Our Price: $49.50
Live Red Tilapia For Sale 500 Red Tilapia Fry
Our Price: $400.00
5 Louisiana Crawfish 5 Louisiana Crawfish
Our Price: $24.95

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Our Price: $1,548.95
Sale Price: $999.99
Savings: $548.96
Food, Profit, or Fun!

This is just another way for you to focus on grow out while we do the hard work for you.