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Premium Quality High Protein Feed

When it comes to choosing the best possible food for your Redclaw crayfish or Prawn the nutritional needs should be the primary concern. We have the highest quality Redclaw & Prawn feed available in sizes that are perfect for home farmers, and aquaponic growers.

In the wild, Redclaw Crayfish & Freshwater Prawns eat many different foods, and as a result they naturally maintain a balanced diet that contributes to good health. When offered a varied and balanced diet while tank raised it offers proper growth, & support's their immune system. Adding our high quality feed, in addition to their natural food, ultimately will save you money as it provides desired growth and color while sustaining the overall health of the Crawfish or Prawn. Studies have shown that when fed natural food's combined with a high quality protein supplement the final weight is over twice that of those fed either food alone.

RedClaw's Natural Food:

decaying/living plant & animal matter
carrot shavings
insect larvae

Freshwater Prawn's Natural Food:

decaying/living plant & animal matter
blanched leafy vegetables

*Low quality foods that lack nutrition contain many unnecessary ingredients or “fillers” that are not typical or even present in their natural diet.
*High quality feed tend to contain more natural or whole ingredients that more closely mimic the foods they would eat in the wild.