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Shipping rates vary and are calculated during checkout.

Please make sure someone is home and available to receive your order of live products. We will not be responsible for packages left in the hot sun, or freezing cold.

If the weather is cold we add a heat pack, as well as when the weather is hot we add a cooling pack. This is at no extra charge to you.

The Australian Red Claw crayfish may arrive in a brown coloration due to the stress of shipping, but will regain their blue coloration.

All of our live product's will arrive healthy and in good condition, but in the rare occasion any live product's arive DOA ( dead on arrival ) immediately send us an e-mail liveaquaponics@gmail.com with detailed, clear photo's of the deceased species with their tails removed. Blurry photo's will not be accepted. In order to receive a refund or replacement this must be done by 5:00pm EST on the day of delivery. Please read conditions of live arrival gurantee.

Once the shipment is complete LiveAquaponics is no longer responsible for your order. The living item is out of our care and control and we cannot be held responsible for it's continued well-being.

We guarantee that your live species will arrive alive. However, when you receive your order you are solely responsible for acclimating your new addition to your aquarium. We take great care in ensuring that your species are bread according to high standards and we insist that ALL of our customers be well informed and prepared to properly care for their new live addition.

LiveAquaponics reserves the right to decide to issue a refund of the original price of the DOA or send a replacement of the DOA at no charge to you within 30 day's of your purchase. Shipping charges are NON refundable.

Conditions of Live Arrival Guarantee
  • We DO NOT guarantee live delivery to daytime high temperatures of 90° F and above or to daytime high temperatures of 40° F and below, regardless of time in transit. This is the daytime high temperature, not the temperature at time of delivery. Shipment to such temperatures is at your own risk.
  • SOMEONE MUST BE HOME FOR ALL SHIPMENTS. If you are not there and something goes wrong we will hold you responsible.
    Orders cannot be left outside for any period of time.
  • We cannot offer reshipments, refunds or credits after
    a second DOA failure.
  • In order for the live guarantee to remain in effect, the customer must notify us of DOA's or other problems by 5:00 PM EST on day of delivery. DOA notifications must be made via E-mail liveaquaponics@gmail.com so that we will have a written record of the problem.
  • We cannot offer free shipping and product replacement when orders are returned to us as unclaimed or undeliverable.
  • We Cannot Accommodate Special Delivery Instructions, such as "Leave package at the side of the house behind bush" or "Deliver between 1 and 2pm" or "Deliver to front door, not mail box." Postal carriers usually do not read or follow such instructions written on the package, and we have no control over what time orders are delivered. We will not be held responsible for DOA's resulting from the failure of mail carriers to follow special shipping instructions or from shipments not delivered at a specific time.
  • We cannot guarantee living items will continue living once shipment is complete. The living item is out of our care and control and we cannot be held responsible for its continued well-being.